What is Brennan Irish Dance?

At Brennan Irish Dance we aim to teach Irish Dance to the best of your child’s ability and, most importantly, make your child’s learning a memorable, fun filled experience that they can recall for years to come.

Our class is one that dancers will look forward to coming to, learning new steps and skills, making and sustaining friendships.

We encourage all facets of Irish Dance from skill and technique, heritage and culture, friendship and fitness to competition and performance. The skills taught at class go beyond the steps and dances and have proven to be invaluable life skills for people in adulthood.

We believe strongly in a culture of Team Spirit and that Brennan Irish Dance is a family environment that we are all proud to be part of. Why not come and visit us to see for yourself……

  • U5 Leinster Dancer
  • U9 Leinster Dancer
  • U9 Kilcock Dancer
  • U7 Leinster Dancer
  • U8 Leinster Dancer
  • U8 Mean Leinster Dancer